Wild Weather Storm Extreme Racing – MINI Cooper Edition

The most addicting game is now on fire! Buckle up and be ready for this extreme racing game in town! Use your driving skills and drive like a demon in this Wild Weather Storm Extreme Racing GAME!

Wild Weather 2 Oops! Bad weather ahead! This is not an ordinary racing game that you know. It’s a unique game that needs an extra ability. The ability to drive fast as you can in an extraordinary situation and avoid the things ahead as the bad weather occurs along the way! Better watch out minis!

So you are on your way back home when suddenly there’s is like a tornado or a an earthquake or an avalanche coming. You are not sure what it is exactly but you know that there is a kind of storm that is going to start any minute from now.

Wild Weather 1Then, to your surprise, all kinds of things abruptly flew everywhere. Things like truck tires, boulders, trees, construction cones and even a few fire hydrants are all over the place. Now, what are you going to do?

Good thing you had those rocket launchers installed! Now you can use that launcher to shoot those unwanted objects before it gets to you!

Then challenge yourself – how many coins you can get when you are in a bad weather while driving. Be ready as more objects come flying ahead of you. Try to avoid all that crap! Your driving skills will tested. You need to drive like a demon and avoid all the things flying except for coins which will give you points.

It will take all your skills as a driver and your MINIs best handling to keep you from becoming a pile of junk on the side of the road! Your driving skills will surely be tested as you play this fun and exciting game!

So, what are you waiting for? Download Wild Weather Storm Extreme Racing now and buckle up!