Turbo Fish – A Modern Jetpack Rocket Shooting Game

Turbo Fish 2You are Turbo Fish. You are out with your friends in the forest when you are suddenly attacked by crazy critters. These crazy critters include a dog, a crab, a bluejay and many more. The only critter that is good to you is a tiny beetle. This beetle can also help you.

There will be 3 characters that you can play as. You should guide your character and your agility will be tested in this game. The game gets faster as you play longer.

Turbo Fish 1

As you guide your friends through the forest, you need to catch the stars and yellow coins so can get many points. Never touch the crazy critters except for the tiny beetle. As a matter of fact, if you catch the little beetle, all the crazy critters will be destroyed.

Turbo Fish is such a fun game. You may also battle with your friends and see who gets the highest score.

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