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My Little Zombie Apocalypse Free – A Modern Clash of Top War Monsters

How long would you survive in a zombie apocalypse? You see a bloodied neighbor walking around outside your mobile home. The tv and phone are dead. Walkers, stalkers and weirdos  are everywhere. You’ve eaten the last of your canned goods. What do you do first? What do you do now? Play My Little Zombie Apocalypse Free of course  :)

My Little Zombie Apocalypse1OMG! A zombie horde has taken over your neighborhood! What should you do now?

Grab the supplies you need, avoid the zombies and run for your life, that’s what!

You will really enjoy the My Little Zombie Apocalypse Free Game. This is not easy to master but it is so much fun to keep on trying so I’m sure you are going to have lots of fun.

This is definitely the best and most fun zombie game out there – not only for halloween but for all times! This is easy to play game and here are some tips on how to play:

Just tilt your iPhone or iPad left or right to control your character as you dodge the zombies!

My Little Zombie Apocalypse2

• Collect as much food, ammo and supplies as possible.

• Don’t get caught!
•If you collect many ammo and supplies in a row, you get more points.

But you will need special skills and great reflexes to master this game. So keep on playing till you beat your own score while avoiding those zombies chasing you! While you’re running out try to collect as much food, ammo and other supplies as you can before getting caught. If you can collect it all you get even more points.

Don’t let zombies touch you. Avoid dangerous TNT and toxic puddles while you’re at it.

My Little Zombie Apocalypse Free Game is one hundred percent worth playing – and it’s FREE. Download now and enjoy.