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Crazy Popcorn Poppers Saga

Looking for something fun to play? Then this is your game! A must have for all iPhone or iPad owners! And if you love Candy Crush or games like that, you’ll love this one too once you get the hang of it.screen568x568

Crazy Popcorn Poppers Saga – A Quick Carnival Chain Reaction Popping Game is a crazy fun chain reaction game that has hundreds and hundreds of levels. Just how many of them can you win?

You can save the carnival by popping all of the kernels inside this game! It’s easy to do but does require some skill to do it in the right order. Pick the right popcorn or choose the correct order of corn and you will clear the entire screen in this fast chain reaction game. screen568x568-1

Pick the right corn kernels to line up and pop them all to clear the screen. You will love the chain reaction when they all pop out. Tap all the corn to pop them out but remember there are limited numbers of taps. Be quick to clear the entire screen to get higher points and get you to the next level.

  • Simple game play -“Pop” all the corn with a limited # of taps
  • Very easy to learn – but very addictive too!
  • Many Power Ups! to help you get through the hard levels or buy them with coins you earn in the game!!
  • FREE Hints EVERY DAY! Fun carnival/fair theme
  • Easy to play but hard to master
  • Simple game play, highly engaging, yet totally addictive
  • Popcorn popping is just plain fun
  • Over 800 levels to keep you entertained – basically an endless game!screen568x568-2

It’s a very simple and addictive game to play and yet requires skill to do it right. Play it with you friends to enjoy the game and challenge them who gets the higher points. So download Crazy Popcorn Poppers Saga NOW and start having fun today!!!

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