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German Shepherd Dog War Heroes – A Modern Military War Dog Mission

Discover this highly addictive game of all time, The German Shepherd Dog War Heroes – A Modern Military War Dog Mission game. As the chaos begin in the country people are frightened, fearful for their safety. They are waiting but who will save them from danger.
screen568x568 Your country is at war, but never fear,  you have gained the aid of an elite group of military war dogs to help keep the bad guys away. And now an elite group of military war dogs are deployed to keep the enemies away! These German Shepherd Dogs have all the abilities of regular k9’s – and then some!

In fact these dogs have been taught to aid with first aid, to be a scout or sentry while out in the field patrolling, a guard dog or to even be a bomb detection dog as needed. You will be the one to help them to do their duties. First choose a character to play as.

There are several dogs to play as. You have to be careful as you must be able to hop from platform to platform as you work your way through this game – so your agility and reflexes will be tested over and over. And as you advance further in the game, the obstacles and gems will come at an increasingly faster rate too so watch out as you go along.

How high can you score?
screen568x568-2Object of the Game:

• Guide K9 Arctic and his friends through the battlefield jumping from platform to platform.

• Catch all the gems & powerups you can to get as many points as possible to unlock more characters.

• Don’t let your K9 touch any of the explosives (or he’ll die).

So have fun playing with your favorite German Shepherd Dog. You can even battle with your friends to see who gets the highest score.

The German Shepherd Dog War Heroes – A Modern Military War Dog Mission game, is an addictive game and great fun for all the dog owners and lovers out there!screen568x568-3

So download NOW and start having fun today!!!

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