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Dog Duck Hunt – Labrador Retriever Deluxe Free Hunting Game

If you’re a dog lover you will surely love this game, Dog Duck Hunt – Labrador Retriever Deluxe Free Hunting Game. This Retriever Dogs game is one that needs your help to keep the dog safe in their playground while catching those ducks. Help them to avoid swamps to play longer in the game.screen568x568-5

Do you love labs? Retriever dogs? The great outdoors? Duck Dynasty? Then you’ll love this game!

Help these brave dogs make it safely through the swamp along all the rickety old platforms, jumping swiftly from one to another. These labs and retrievers are all ready to go duck hunting and can’t wait to catch them all.

All you have to do is grab all the ducks and coins that you can and avoid all the bats out to get you. Easy enough, right? Collect all coins to get higher points. Remember the game will get faster, the longer you play. Avoid bats to stay alive in the game. These dogs are trained to hunt ducks, but they still need your help to jump the swamps from one side to another.

Just remember, the longer you play this game, the faster this game will get so be careful and watch out. Those bats are out to get you!

Better to move quick or jump higher to avoid those nasty bats but keep these dogs safely while hunting its target. Just touch the screen to jump. And to jump higher long press the screen longer. Help your dog to jump safely between platforms.

screen568x568-4Object of the Game:

• Guide Big Red and his friends through the swamp, jumping from platform to platform.

• Catch all the ducks and coins that you can to get as many points as possible to unlock even more characters.

• Don’t let your dog touch any of the bats or he’ll lose a life.

So have fun playing with your favorite Labrador Retriever or Golden Retriever dogs. You can even battle with your friends to see who gets the highest score.screen568x568-3

The Dog Duck Hunt – Labrador Retriever Deluxe Free Hunting Game is an addictive game and great fun for all the dog owners and dog lovers out there!

This game will entertain you as it has high quality graphics. This is a great game to play. How can you stay alive in the game before you fall down in the swamp? That is your challenge. Enjoy playing it with your friends.

Download NOW and start having fun today!!!