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A Super Hero Family Animal Rescue Mega Mission

Another fun and exciting game!
screen568x568-3Help our Super Hero Family in Mega Rescue Mission. Cats and dogs in the world, help man’s best friend from being turned into helium balloons by some heartless enemy. Hurry and be quick! Save these miserable animals and keep them free from the villains.

OMG! What has happened? Some mean person has turned all the little cats and dogs in the world into helium balloons and is now shooting at them. What kind of heartless fiend would do that?

A Super Villain, that’s who! But have no fear, the Family Super is on the mission to save each and every one of these cute little animals. Can you help the family in their quest to save them all?

You have several fun characters to choose from to play as – Super Kid, Super Sis, Super Mom, Super Dad and even Super Granny! Play as which ever one you like the best, or you could play as any of them. It’s all up to you.


The Super Hero Family Animal Rescue game is simple to play but will take some talent and practice to master – but here’s how you play:

1) Avoid all the bomb blasts (don’t get blown up),

2) Grab any of the rotating gems, coins, etc. to collect extra points &

3) Save the Puppies and Kitties!

Sounds easy enough right? Well, it’s not when things are moving – trust me! Try it yourself and you’ll begin to see just how hard it is to be a Superhero! So have fun playing A Super Family Animal Rescue Mega Mission and try not to die!screen568x568-4

Sounds easy to start right? Try it for yourself and do your best to be a Super Hero. Be the first to play A Super Family Animal Rescue Mega Mission and share this with your family and friends!

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