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Howloweenie – A Spooky Zombie Halloween Dachshund Dog Running Game

Who loves the dachshunds? Is it you – are you the dog lover? Then this game is just right for you!
screen568x568Are dachshunds your favorite dogs of all time? Then you’ll surely love to play this game.

Your object is to help these brave little dachshunds make it safely through the scary graveyard along all the rickety old platforms, jumping from one to another on their way back home.

Help these cute little dogs who are wearing their halloween costumes to find their way back home. Get ready for this trick or treat adventure! All dressed for Halloween, these weinie dogs are ready to go trick or treating with their families.

All you have to do is grab all the dog treats, coins and toys that you can and avoid all the zombies that are out there to get you. Collect all the treats, coins, and toys to unlock other characters. Oh there are tricky zombies in your way, avoid those zombies as they will try to get you.

Easy enough right? Well try it for yourself. Just remember, the longer you play the faster this game will get.

Object of the Game:

• Guide Buck and his friends through the graveyard jumping from platform to platform.

• Catch all the toys and cookies you can to get as many points as possible to unlock more characters.

• Don’t let your weiner dog touch any of the zombies or he’ll die.

So have fun playing with your favorite Dachshund Dog. You can even battle with your friends to see who gets the highest score.screen568x568-2

Play the game as fasts as you can, as you play the game longer the game gets faster. A truly fun and adventure game to play and suitable game for those Dachshund owners and lovers. Join Buck and his friends in their adventure through jumping all those graveyards and avoid the zombies.

Enjoy playing this game and if you want! You can battle with your friends and compare your scores. So download now! And have fun this very enjoyable game. Howloweenie is an addictive game and great fun for all the dog owners and lovers out there!

So download the Howloweenie – A Spooky Zombie Halloween Dachshund Dog Running Game NOW and start having fun today!!!

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