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Cranky Birds – A Modern Bird Flying War Game

You should help Cranky Birds protect their nests from hordes or enemies attacking them. Do your best in protecting the Cranky Birds’ nests. They need you to guide them to go along their journey and protect their nest by stopping the invaders.

Cranky Birds 1The Cranky Birds are in danger! The survival of the Cranky Birds is at stake. Help them protect their nest. You should stop the invaders. Protect the nest from the enemies by stopping the invaders. Do good because the lives of the Cranky Birds are in your hands. You could upgrade the ability of the birds by winning additional lives, unlocking power ups or other secret contents and many more.

What you should do is guide Crabby Chicken and his friends through the magical land and collect coins & gems. Remember, if you get more points you, you will have more characters to unlock!Cranky Birds  2Avoid flying enemies to stay longer in the game. To upgrade the ability of the birds and unlock more characters of the game, aim for higher points by collecting magnetic coins and gems. The more points you get, the more chances of unlocking more characters.

Guide them as they start their journey in the magic land. Play this enjoyable game and prepare for a ride into their colorful world. Collect more points to gain extra lives. You can find coins and gems in your journey, collect them to get more points so that you can upgrade and unlock another character for the game. Remember to avoid and never touch any flying enemies.

Want to have some fun? So hurry! Join the Crabby Chicken and his friends through their magical land. Then download the game now and start playing! Good luck. This is an addictive game and you sure will enjoy it. So download NOW and start having fun!!