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Dog Chase Race Pro – A Modern Pet War Story – Puppy vs Park Animals

Dog Chase Race is great for kids of all ages!

screen480x480-6“Dog Chase is fun game to play but it can be hard to master – this definitely isn’t one of those games that you can play once and quit.” – iphoneappreview.com

“Dog Chase is highly addictive with cute graphics that makes it a joy to play with friends and family.” – iphonemom.blogspot.com

“As far as endless runners go “Dog Chase” certainly ticks all the boxes.” – GameTrender.net

“I still don’t have a pet dog to play chase with sadly, but at least I’ll always have Dog Chase.” – 148apps.com

Ranked in 60 App Stores Around the World!!

– Top 10 Game in Portugal
– Top 25 Game in 6 Countries
– Top 25 iPad Game in 4 Countries

Dog Chase is in the top #100 Role Playing Games on the iPad in over 28 Countries

Check out the screenshots and see for yourself.

All you need to do is:

• TIP: Tilt your iPhone or iPad device left or right to control your cute little doggies path through the park.

• Try and collect as many doggie biscuits, tennis balls and other doggie treats as you can before getting caught.

• TIP: Grab as many cookies as you can in a row for even more points!

Dog Chase is an action game starring three lovable canines just out for a little romp in the park. Please help Max, Dewey and Sophie safely travel through the park – as you collect balls, dog cookies and unlock magic items that will help you along your path!

Evade the advances of evil squirrels, angry ducks, mad pigeons and a host of other enemies. And that’s not even the worst of it – there are also mud puddles, bombs and even a persistent dog catcher lying in wait for our cute threesome.

** 3 characters + 3 difficulty levels + 2 lands = hours and hours of fun! **

screen480x480-4Dog Chase is instantly playable and simple to control – but not an easy game to master right away yet tough to put down!

** You can also unlock several special in-game achievements and compete with your friends all over the world on OpenFeint!

Who knows, maybe you will get the highest Dog Chase score ever?? Don’t get too cheeky though! Dog Chase may be easy to learn, but it can be hard to master.

** And you know what else? Dog Chase supports Facebook Status Posting as well! (You can even brag a bit and show off your scores to your friends!)