Super Girls Candy Clash Temple Dash Heroes War Saga

How great it is when you know how to fly, right? Well it’s not possible here! This game is just for you. Feel the adrenaline while flying across the sky. It’s a fun adventure game that you would surely love, the Super Girls Candy Clash Temple Dash Heroes War Game. In this game you play like a superhero flying with your beautiful cap and colorful costumes.

Super Girls 2 Have you ever dreamed of flying? every girl or boy would love to fly. With Super Girls Candy Clash Temple Dash Heroes War Game, you will be able to fly. You are a flying superhero.

A flying game is one you are sure fun to play with. This game is easy to play, use the touch tap controls. It has super fast action and exciting game play! Imagine you’re flying inside the game with 3 different characters to unlock.

I assure you that flying is very easy. You just have to tap the screen to fly up. The longer you touch the screen, the higher you will fly. This is a unique game to play, with gems, hearts and rings long the way, collect them to get higher points. Watch out for challenges along the path avoid the explosives – TNT, hand grenades and more!

Super Girls 1But you have to be careful as you will possibly be blown up if you don’t avoid TNT, explosives, hand grenades, etc. Avoid them as you fly up and collect hearts, rings and gems to get more points. Additionally, there are 3 characters to unlock.

This is very easy to play, all you have to do is tap the screen to fly up and remember  – just tap longer on the screen to stay flying in the game. It plays faster as you play it longer too.

This is a very challenging game for you. You can also battle it with your friends and see who gets the higher points. So better remember that before you start flying. This, Super Girls Candy Clash Temple Dash Heroes, is really a fun and challenging game. Get yours now and start having fun!