Snappy Shark – A Hungry Swimming Fish Splashy Adventure Game

Imagine you are a very hungry shark trying to find food. Snappy Shark is easy enough to play. All you have to do is tap the screen to make the shark fly through the water , through air and eat all the fish that comes along the way.Snappy Shark 2The sharks are very, very hungry! The sharks are coming! But don’t be scared, they just need your help. They are very hungry and want food to eat. Help these sharks to look for their food.

Eat small fishes that come near you and avoid bad fishes that tries to follow you. Just tap the screen to move through water and air. The key here is to be very snappy. Eat all the fish that comes your way but you must also be wary of the enemy. As you hunt, bad fishes will lurk and follow you around. Don’t touch them, just let them be.

Of course, if you are trying to hunt for food, there are also enemies who are trying to hunt you. Don’t touch and you’ll be safe. Also, you must avoid mines, submarines, torpedoes and the occasional ship anchor. If needed, you can make yourself safe with toxic spitballs.

You actually have a choice, you can just eat and be full or you can fight the enemies. Play the game and keep the shark alive! Be ready for different obstacles and be sure to avoid them. Avoid torpedoes, submarines, mines and ship anchors as they try to hurt you. Just be quick and be a Snappy Shark!

Be the Snappy Shark, eat as much fish as you can. Just make sure to avoid the enemies as you hunt. For more fun, battle with your friends!

Snappy Shark 1So, have fun diving and eating fish. Here’s a tip! If you’re really in big trouble, you have your secret weapon too! You have a toxic spit ball. Protect yourself from your enemies. If you really want to have fun, you can play it with your friends. Eat fish as much as you can to upgrade more game levels.

So download now and have fun of diving and eating fish. Enjoy Snappy Shark game that offers you an adventure and thrilling diving experience. Just avoid the enemies hunting you. You can also battle with your friends to see who gets the highest score. Download now and have a fun diving experience.