Ridiculous Racing – A Real Extreme Senior Prom Mega Nightmare

RIDICULOUS RACING – A REAL EXTREME SENIOR PROM MEGA NIGHTMARE – This is not an ordinary racing game like any you’ve ever known. Racing games could be really interesting, but just wait to see this one!!

Ridiculous Racing 1Burn up the street with the fastest and most exhilarating racing action today! Live your life a quarter mile at a time as you take over the streets in this #1 acclaimed racing game.

RIDICULOUS RACING – A REAL EXTREME SENIOR PROM MEGA NIGHTMARE combines stunning, high fidelity graphics with addictive game play that will have you swerving through oncoming traffic, collecting power-ups, and knocking other racers off the road. With astonishing physics, eye-popping tracks, and awesome cars, This game creates a new type of racing experience for IPhone and IPAD users.

Now that you have a driver’s license, you are driving your dad’s great sports car, you picked your date and now going to your senior prom. It is certainly going to be a really fun night, don’t you think?

Then you made a wrong turn. Now you don’t know where you are and you are already driving for your life. oh no! And from all angles, too many things are coming your way like boulders, tires, construction cones, fire hydrants and even a few cars coming right your way too. OMG!!

Ridiculous Racing 2Suddenly all sorts of stuff is coming at you from all angles such as fire hydrants, boulders, truck tires, construction cones and even a few cars coming right at you too. OMG!!

You did not learn this in driver’s ed but fortunately, you dad’s sports car has rocket launchers installed. This will really test your driving skills. You must keep yourself and your date safe.

You can now shoot those things using the rocket launchers. Try to drive as far as you can and test your driving skills in this unique racing game! AND remember you must keep yourself and your date safe. Then grab as many coins as possible to earn points while you are testing your skills on this ridiculous racing Game!

Just grab the coins to earn points and avoid everything else. You can also choose to shoot them with your rocket launchers.

So, download Ridiculous Racing now and buckle up! Have fun!