Redneck Recycling: A Hillbilly Alien Hunters Free Offroad Dirt Bike Desert Racing Game

Isn’t fun to play games that must be played today but are unique in a very different way? You might find this game app interesting and a cool sample of a hilarious motorbike riding game.

Three adorable, yet goofy, redneck riders who loves to ride motorbikes, do all sorts of crazy high jumps with their bikes and, the most crazy stuff of all, they hunt for alien spaceships in the desert as they search for scrap metal! Now that’s cool trio don’t you think?

Redneck Recycling2There are lovable rednecks and they have three things in common – they love riding their motorcycles, look for tin cans to recycle and they really like to hunt aliens! Are you ready to help them?

You will be riding your motorbike and you must jump from platform to platform. This may sound simple, but believe me, it gets harder as you play. The game becomes faster and there will be a lot of things like cans and other obstacles coming your way.

Redneck Recycling1What you have to do is guide Cousin Larry and his friends through the desert safely. And to get points, you should collect cans , More points will let unlock other characters. If you want a special surprise, you should catch the alien spaceships.  Avoid obstacles.

Help these guys to jump those platforms and overcome different obstacles. Sounds simple right? You must prepare yourself because as the game advances the cans will come at a higher speed! Do the best you can! Every great game offers many challenges. For higher points, collect more tin cans to recycle and to unlock more characters.

The heat is on! Join Larry and his friends for their crazy wild adventure in the desert! Catch more Aliens for more surprises! Try this very interesting and adventurous game. So what are you waiting for! Play with your favorite redneck now! And Download it online today! If you are an alien and redneck lover, this Redneck Recycling game is especially for you. Download yours now and have fun!