Pumpkins Revenge – A Modern Halloween Battle Game

Get ready for this modern Halloween FREE downloadable battle Game, Pumpkins Revenge. Pumpkins! Pumpkins! Very famous during Halloween! They are the most in demand decorations this season.

Pumpkins are taking revenge. They are already fed up of being sliced, carved and hacked. Vengeance is on the menu for these angry pumpkins – and all are all in!! Help these pumpkins get justice and take revenge for their lost family and friends.

Pumpkins Revenge 2Pumpkins Revenge is a modern Halloween battle Game and it is easy to control. All you have to do is guide your pumpkin through the graveyard and spit toxic balls at the weapons which are coming your way. You should eat as many bats as you want and in in order to get more points, and you must catch spinning coins. Remember not to let your pumpkins touch any kind of weapons or it will die.

But these pumpkins have the power to eliminate those weapons that are hindrances on its way to revenge by using its toxic spit so worry no more – collect coins and eat many bats as you can and get the highest score as possible. Battle with your friends and see who is the best and the unbeaten one.

Fun and adventure awaits as there are several pumpkins to choose from and play with them. Pumpkins Revenge – A Modern Halloween Battle Game, is an addictive game, a unique one and great fun for all the holiday loving, pumpkin fans out there!Pumpkins Revenge 1

There are several pumpkin characters to choose from. You may also choose to battle with your friends and see who gets the highest score.

It’s a fun game. Download Pumpkins Revenge now!