Gravity Dogs – Golden Retriever Free Alien Space Adventure Game

Get ready for this ultimate battle! Prepare yourself for some High Speed Golden Retriever Space Racing!! Engage and be thrilled in this out of this world game. The adventure of dogs on an alien planet – how imaginative. Join the fun and help these dogs explore their new world as they are accidentally trapped on this alien world!

Be prepared for this crazy adventure as the gravity on this alien planet is reversible. This game will blow your mind with its wide range of full of fun and exciting experiences on every level you play. You will be amazed!

Reverse Gravity Dogs 1Prepare yourself for some High Speed Golden Retriever Space Racing!! This is going to be really fun and exciting.

Now, what makes it fun while playing it? You can experience reverse gravity on this game first hand. You will certainly enjoy running and then suddenly you’re already running upside down. Wow, this is crazy – and fun too!

This new environment needs to be explored! Help these dogs to live and get around in this new world. They must explore this alien planet in order for them to find their food and to survive. But watch out! This planet may have wild animals which they might encounter in their way! Try to avoid those wild animals that might harm them! Don’t forget to collect gold coins on your way. The more you collect these coins, the more chances these dogs will have at a full life.

Reverse Gravity Dogs 2There are three different Goldies to choose from. This game will entertain you from its bright colors, high quality graphics and catchy themes for its musical background.

It is more fun to play this game and share this to your friends. This app is perfect for those who love unique and fun adventure games. It’s an easy game to play with simple one finger controls. Definitely not a hard game to master.

In an instant this unusual and exciting game could be waiting in your hand. We’re counting on you! Download your copy of Gravity  Dogs now.

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