Flying Kritters

9 Flying Kritters dreamt of flying. Choose one and guide them through 3 mystical lands. Fly! Fly High 9 Kritters! There are 9 kritters who needs your help. Help Kex (Wolf), Merdhuk (Kitty), Cloud (Panda), Natasha (Piggy), Meera (Beaver), Leyna (Crocodile), Rodie (Bison), Sawyer (Raccoon) and Blaze (Sea Turtle) to fly like they’ve always been dreaming of.

Flying Kritters 2There are 9 Flying Kritter characters you can choose from and you should guide them about in three mystical worlds. Kritters dream to fly and you are their only hope.

These Kritters are:
A Wolf named Kex,
An orange Kitty called Merdhuk
Our Panda calls himself Cloud
My favorite Piggy, Natasha
Miss Meera, the cute Beaver
Our sweet little Crocodile, Leyna
My buddy the Bison, Rodie
The little bandit, Sawyer the Raccoon
Blaze the Sea Turtle.

You must help the kritters fly high by using only one finger. But how far can you fly before the time is up? You will choose one of them to fly through a magical and mystical worlds. Help them to explore their beautiful land while flying across the sky.
Flying Kritters 1The game play is simple. By using only one finger, help your favorite Kritter to fly before the time is over. Just touch the screen to build up speed and go downhill. Then, release it for your Kritter to fly and soar up high!

There’s plenty of coins to collect along the way. Just don’t forget that you have time to beat. Fly far as you can and keep in mind, you have to beat the time. Kids will love these 9 cute characters. They really need your help! Guide them to collect coins and fly through the top of the hills. This is a fun flying and sliding game. With 9 different characters and 3 beautiful colorful worlds to play in. Outstanding graphic designs with each of the characters.

You are surely going to enjoy this game. Play the 9 Flying Kritter Now! Help them and let their dreams come true! Download now and give your favorite Kritter a chance to fly.