Flying Grannies – An Explosive Super Granny Mega Mission

Do you believe that granny’s can’t do any because they are in their old age – weak and cannot stand alone? Then you are definitely wrong! Now in this super fun, unique and addicting Flying Grannies game you can see here that our grannies are strong and ready to fight for everything!

Flying Grannies 2 Engage yourself and play with our everlasting grandmother’s! These grannies are extremely different! They have super powers! They can FLY! They are Senior Citizen Superheroes! And they are fighting against growing old.

Now, what should you do? Help these active Flying Grannies as they fly and get past the flying objects such as rockers, explosives, knitting, needles, TNT. Then many more obstacles are all sent in!

Flying Grannies 1All you have to do is catch the rotating items. You know, the typical things any super granny might see every day in their lives. Then avoid the explosives such as rockets, TNT, needles, etc, as well as a few flying rockers and knitting needles.

Sounds easy, right? So try now and start to play the game! Have fun and enjoy the adventure of our super granny characters! What are you waiting for? However, you won’t know how fun it is until you try.

Download Flying Grannies now. Have fun and don’t die!