Flappy Fat Birdies – An Impossibly Hard Flying Bird Racing Game

TAP! TAP! TAP! Obstacles ahead! Careful! This super addictive hit game comes in a new version. It’s more polished and even more addicting than ever before! Start the chase on. Cute birds are around and is your job to help them.

Flappy Fat Birdies1FLAP!TAP!FLAP the little wings of the FLAPPY FAT BIRDIES in this number one thrilling and action packed flying adventure.

Help these super hungry Flappy Birds to collect foods and coins while avoiding different obstacles in your way. Just keep on flapping their wings and get as far as possible. Obstacles makes the game more thrilling and exciting!

Don’t forget, this bird is a little bit clumsy. So watch out and be careful. Stay in the air and have fun. It’s your job to guide these cute birds as they fly through all kinds of hindrances all along your way.

This will be an exciting game for kids, they will enjoy playing it. Avoid animals like spiders, snakes and hungry plants. By the way, Don’t forget the colored walls, you have to dodge them too!

FUN! FUN! This is a mega fun game suite for kids and adults, people for all ages!

Flappy Fat Birdies2You can play it with your friends and see who gets the highest score. Be sure to miss all the obstacles to keep the game going! This will test your ability on how to keep the bats in the air before you hit something.

Comes with high quality HD colored graphics and high-end sound. With simple one touch controls. Just tap the screen to flap the wings. It’s easy and fun to play but a challenge to fully master. Are you up for the challenge?

The most exciting bird racing game is now available online. So what are you waiting for? Play it now by just simply downloading it! Enjoy and have fun flying with this game, Flappy Fat Birdies  Have fun!