Flappy Bats – A Free Endless Hungry Flying Bat Adventure Game

This highly addicting game is now on the air! It’s not a bird! It’s not a plane! It’s a Flappy Bat! When the sun goes down a small nightly creature awakes and appears on the horizon of your device.

Flappy Bats 1 WATCH OUT! There are Obstacles ahead!

The Flappy Bats are very, very hungry! This an enjoyable game for kids as well as adults – people of all ages!

It is easy and fun to play. Just tap to flap your wings and fly. Flappy Bats is a game of skill where you must maneuver through various barriers by touching the screen to flap the bats wings to make it rise or allow gravity take its course to let if fall.

Help these flappy bats chase some foods as they are very hungry… hungrier than ever! Then collect tons of coins for more amazing points! Help the little bat fly all through the dark dungeon! Help the flappy bats to find bugs and fruit in the dark!

It’s a game with a one touch control panel. Extremely easy operation yet it will take time to master it! Just tap the screen then the bats will Flap it’s wings and fly away! Also, this game has high quality HD graphics so your eyes will also enjoy it.

Flappy Bats 2

Fly far as you can without hitting the dangerous obstacles and try not to die. Try to get as far as possible and try to beat your own records! Play and compete with your family and friends then compare your scores. Don’t let them beat you. Challenge yourself and be a master of this fun flying adventure game.

You can choose to compete with your friends and compare your scores. It has endless gameplay, but the question is how long can you last before hitting something? Try and download it, so you will find out!

A mega fun adventure for kids and adults, people of all ages will enjoy playing Flappy Bats! The little bat will keep you entertained all day long in a fun endless flying game kind of way. It’s not complicated, it’s not easy but it is fun game. How long can you last before hitting something? Wanna know how? Quick – download it now and try for yourself!