Dog Chase Race Pro – A Modern Pet War Story – Puppy vs Park Animals

Get addicted with Dog Chase Race Pro! Experience fun and be amazed with this action game together with your favorite canine.

Dog Chase Race Pro 1Dog Chase Race Pro is a kind of game that you just can play once. You will surely play again and again. It is addictive.

Dog Chase Race can be played by kids of all ages. It is an action game. There are three cute canines, Dewey, Max and Sophie, out for a little walk in the park. You need to help them as you collect doggie treats, balls and magic items. Avoid angry ducks, squirrels, pigeons and other enemies.

Make your buddy happy by eating doggie treats, play with balls and get magic items! But be very careful! There are many hindrances along your way! Keep away from bombs, mud puddles and the villainous dog catcher.

Dog Chase Race Pro 2In order to control your little doggies, just tilt your phone left or right to control your path in the game. Before you get caught, try to collect as many tennis balls, biscuits and doggy treats. You will get more points if you grab many treats in a row.

Gather as many doggy treats you can before you’ll get caught by the dog catcher to collect more points. I assure you, you will play this game not just once!

You’ll surely love this game, so download now! ENJOY!