Cats VS Dogs FREE – Tiny Flying Mice Battle Game

The clash between the cats and dogs are on the game world now! Be ready and join the riot of these two creatures! In this game, Cats VS Dogs FREE – Tiny Flying Mice Battle Game, the cats battle the dogs in order to capture the mice all along the way and give their best out of it.

Help these cats catch the mice while avoiding the roaming dogs. While catching the mice you can earn coins. So keep on catching because more coins you’ll get the highest points you have! And this means you can unlock the new characters and play with them too!

Cats VS Dogs FREE 2By just looking at the title, it is already obvious. Cats battle dogs and they will do everything they can to catch mice.

The Cats VS Dogs FREE game is very simple. In order to stay alive, you must never touch the dogs that are coming your way. You also have the option to shoot the dogs with your nasty hairballs. The mutant cats have the ability to shoot the dogs using their super icky hairballs for long distances! They work well too!

Cats VS Dogs FREE 1And if you happen to catch the mice while you’re at it, it will be much better because you will be bale to earn enough points to open new characters. I know this may sound easy enough, but remember that this game becomes faster as you continue to play.

Its an easy to play game! Just use your finger to move the cat and tap to shoot Hairballs at the enemy dogs. But remember the game becomes faster as you stay longer in the game. So keep on playing and become a master now. It comes with HD graphics that you will surely enjoy to play on!

Why not download Cats VS Dogs FREE – Tiny Flying Mice Battle Game now and this ever fun and addicting game of CATS VS DOGS FREE – TINY FLYING MICE BATTLE GAME. Also, try not to die!