Candy Land Run – Sugar Cookie Adventure Free Race Game

This mouth melting game is sure fun to play with. The characters are so adorable that they will bring joy and fun to those young and feeling young! Hmm! Sounds interesting right? And Oh! Sounds yummy too! Yep, you’re absolutely right.

How long do you think can you survive in this magical candy land without getting a sugar rush? You can see later that there’s a big and colorful sugar candy mountain, you must guide your character into that mountain and collect all the treats up there to get higher points.
Candy Land Run 1Why not test your reflexes as you race through the magical land full of pies, candies, doughnuts, cakes, and many more! Just tap to jump and remember to avoid obstacles, collect coins as well as treats and shoot enemies. easy, right? I’m challenging you and see how far you can go!

Candy Land Run is not in your dreams anymore. It’s now available online! You can have it on your phone screen too. It’s already a game! Now that’s amazing! Guide all those characters into the mountains and help them to collect all the treats to get higher points. And for the biggest reward, you can view a huge and most colorful sugar candy mountain. Yummy!

The Candy Land Run Game is played by tapping your screen. Just Tap! Jump! and Shoot! The enemies are coming right at you! Avoid the obstacles and catch all the coins and treats to get higher score. Candy Land Run Game is fun to play, kids will love this. Controls are easy – tap left to jump and tap right to shoot. You must guide your character through the colorful sugar candy mountain and catch all the treats that you can in order to get points.Candy Land Run 2

The Candy Land Run Game is a game that will test your reflexes while racing with others. Along your way, you can see many yummy foods like pies, candies, doughnuts and cakes. Remember to jump by tapping your screen when you see obstacles, shoot when you see enemies by collecting treats along the way and gather as many coins you can before the game ends.

The Candy Land Run Game is an addictive game – download it so that you can enjoy racing in the magic land!. This is really fun and you wouldn’t regret trying it. Enjoy playing Candy Land Run Game it will entertain and make your imagination fun and exciting. Get ready to enter this magic land. Download it now!

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