A Witch Shopping Saga – Fun Halloween Shooter Game

Don’t you know that witches also go shopping? Of course they do, they also need stuff for themselves.Witch Shopping Saga 1

The Witches are back! It’s Halloween time again and the witches are back on the job! Help the witches buy what they need in making potions and spells for Halloween. Shop for caldron pots, hats, bats, spell book, black cats and brooms and be ready for all the Halloween evil schemes!

Witches need a lot of things so they can make potions and spells. This is where your mission comes in. You must grab all the witches gear and stock them before Halloween. These gears include caldron pots, hats, bats, spell books, black cats, brooms, etc. Everything that is witch stuff. Just avoid the coins, they are useless when making potions and spells. You can grab a tiny beetle so you can destroy all the coins.

Make sure to just grab the things that are useful in making witch business. Avoid the coins because it doesn’t matter to them. All you need to do is grab a tiny beetle and destroy the coins you see.

It will be fun guiding the witch through the forest and collecting witch stuff.Witch Shopping Saga 2

Have fun collecting all the stuff needed by the witch and enjoy walking with her in the forest. I’m pretty sure you’ll love this game, so download it now! I suggest you A Witch Shopping Saga game. It’s very addictive! Download now.