A Easter Bunny Egg Hunt Battle Game: A Modern War Heroes Holiday Saga

It is Easter season but there are no more eggs left in the bunny land! Help Mr. Bunny to find his Easter eggs.
Easter Bunny Egg Hunt Battle Game 1

Oh no! The Easter Bunny seems to be very angry. All the supply of easter eggs for this year have been stolen and the Easter Bunny thinks he knows the culprit and he knows where all the supplies are. Peter Cottontail, conspiracy theorist, thinks he is the target of an international conspiracy to remove him from his holiday job! But who is really responsible?

Easter Bunny Egg Hunt Battle Game 2Use Mr. Bunny’s strength and wits to fight the enemies he will meet along the way. Help your friend Mr. Bunny to conquer the place and recover all his lost Easter eggs to bring back the beauty of Easter Season. Along with Thumper and Honey Bunny get as many Easter Eggs and enjoy the battle of looking for those precious eggs.

Easter Bunny suspects Mardi Gras, Valentine’s Day and St. Patty’s Day who are the hosts of the holidays closest to him. He is really angry and he is so ready to get the eggs back. He has trained hard and he he has a plan. Now you should help him and his friends, Thumper and Honey Bunny, get the easter eggs back before the Easter.

Start your journey in magic land and be mindful of the time! Easter eggs should be available before Easter season comes. Yet, be very careful in the magic land because there are many enemies lurking around to fight you and stop you in your journey. Avoid those bad enemies! Keep in mind to collect power ups and more coins along the way, it will help!

Enjoy searching the eggs and have fun with the journey – you will surely enjoy this game. Download the game now! Try Easter Bunny Egg Hunt Battle Game now.