Cop Wars – Free Police Turbo Highway Smash Chase Game

It take guts to chase the criminals and play as the great defender of justice! Join this exciting police racing game as you chase down all the enemies in the street!

cop wars 1Cop Wars is a 2D game that provides a high quality game full of car chasing & shooting fun. The police car are on a hot pursuit on the enemy’s trails. You are the cop – be sure to arrest the criminals before they continue to create crimes in the city.

This is a wild car chase and you are the police. This is a police racing game that will transform your imagination into a world of nothing but action and adventure.

Remember the enemies will not surrender easily to you! There are shooting enemies that will try to shoot and outrun you! Some may even try to run you down!

This could be the most fun past of being a cop. It is an intense and fast action racing game. This will test you driving skills.

There will be crooks who will shoot you down in the middle of the race or some will outrun you. You better be quick. This is a test of your driving skills on how fast your reflexes are and how top notch your techniques are to avoid them. But don’t forget the pedestrian lanes! There are several power-ups that makes the game even more fun! Every level will leave you an panting for breath because of your exciting experience in playing the game. Get ready for all the explosive actions that you will be experiencing while playing Cop Wars.

You need to get those criminals. Pursue them and take them down –  especially those shooting criminals. Give everything you got – the  the bad criminals need to go to jail!

cop wars 2Cop Wars – Free Police Turbo Highway Smash Chase Game has amazing 2D graphics which you would surely enjoy. There are power ups, so it’s more interesting.

Why not download Cop Wars now and battle with your friends.

Play Cop Wars with your friends and don’t let them beat your high score! Take down all those bad guys! Show no mercy! Let the justice prevail!

Steer your police car, save the city! Don’t just let the enemies wander around the streets! Chase them now!

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